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We provide a wide variety of classes that address different athletic training needs.  Whether you desire sports performance, geared towards speed, strength, and agility gains or sports fitness to look and feel your best ever, we know exactly how to help you get there and achieve your goals! 

What We're About

One, Train Hard

Train Hard

TurnPro Sports was built out of a passion to deliver elite-level sports performance, fitness training, and sports medicine services to all who desire to live and feel their best in both life and sport. We accomplish this by providing superior, hands-on instruction backed by over 20 years of experience working with athletes at the highest levels, including the NFL and MLB.

Two, Train Right

Train Right

We utilize our  S.M.A.R.T. PRO Training System in designing programs that deliver desired results, centered on personal goals and sports-specific demands. 

Three, Turn Pro


Take your game to the next level! No matter what you are training for, TurnPro Sports can get you there. Contact us and let our dedicated staff of professionals work with you to design the best program for your training needs.

S.M.A.R.T. PRO Training System

S = Stability

Total body control through optimum utilization of strength, motor coordination, and balance.

M = Mobility

Freedom and ease of movement by which a joint progresses efficiently through its available range of motion

A = Agility

Ultimate integration of speed, power, strength, balance, coordination, and reaction time.

R = Recovery

Adequate sleep, as well as other proven strategies to maximize the body’s overall repair of structural and psychological stresses from training and life.

T = Total Nutrition

Adequate hydration and consistent, high quality food sources such as vegetables and fruits in a variety of colors, whole grains, healthy fats and proteins, to meet individualized daily caloric needs


Professional Mindset:  Clarity in pursuit of your goal.  Commitment everyday towards working on your goal, no matter what.   Connection to people invested in you, achieving your goal. 

Individualized Game Plan

Every great victory starts with a detailed game plan.  At TurnPro Sports, our professionally trained coaching staff will sit down with you to learn about your health history, your training history, any past injuries, nutritional and lifestyle habits, and your specific goals. 

Then you will be taken through the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to evaluate your range of motion and flexibility. 

Lastly we’ll schedule you for a BodySpec DEXA scan to accurately and safely measure your body fat, lean muscle, and bone density to establish your training baseline.

With this evaluation, we will be able to create a “game plan” for your personal athletic development.

Personal Training

Elevate your game through elite personal training at TurnPro Sports. Work with coaches who have years of experience training athletes at the highest level.  Get the support you need while being challenged to achieve your absolute best.

Sports Performance

If you are an athlete of any kind, serious about taking your game to the next level, TurnPro Sports is where you need to be.  We combine the best in superior coaching, exceptional equipment, and a proven system to produce long-term results.

Team Training

When our athletes train together as a group, they become a T.E.A.M. (Together, Everyone Achieves More).  Through small team training, our clients recieve personal attention as well as individualized workouts based on age and fitness level.

Youth Training

It’s no secret that children benefit from regular physical activity.  Studies show an early active start enhances the development of brain function, coordination, social skills, gross motor skills, emotions, and imagination.

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Sports Medicine

Our Sports Medicine program helps you stay healthy both on and off the field.  It’s our goal to help every athlete achieve their maximum level of performance.

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What People Are Saying

TurnPro changed the way I look at fitness. With Coach Chris’ extensive knowledge, hands-on instruction, and tailored workout combinations, I not only learned about the mind-body connection, I experienced the transformation and was introduced to my potential. This training enhanced my mindset to expand beyond conventional thinking and connect the relationship between function, mobility, and strength. Plus, Coach Chris is just an all-round good dude. However, it comes down to one thing…you. You have to decide if you want to be a better you. The experience has been tested.
Now it’s your turn…TurnPro Sports.”

Chris S.

Chris is an awesome trainer. Due to my busy work schedule my free time is limited, yet with his mini bootcamps I get the best out of each of my workouts in just an hr. He really pushes you to your own limits and provides great motivation along the way. I always feared getting injured with strength training because of incorrect form, weight and number of reps, but Chris is looking out for me. He corrects my form, pushes me to opt up on my weights (safely) and sets the rep at a challenging yet attainable number. I would definitely recommend Turnpro Sports to anyone looking to find a workout that’s not only fun, challenging and flexible but you’ll see and feel results in no time. He even offers personalized training programs. Check him out and discover the new and improved you!

Halee Z.


Train Hard.Train Right.TurnPro.

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