About Us


Markus Turner and Chris Pearson were first introduced while working for the Oakland Raiders in 1999. Markus was an athletic training intern and Chris was in his 1st year as the team’s assistant strength and conditioning coach. Upon completion of Markus’ internship, he and Chris kept in contact, grew to be close friends, and over the years considered the idea of starting their own company.

Their vision was to create a company that combined both their areas of focus, sports medicine and performance training. They foresaw a company where youth athletes and fitness-minded individuals could be trained from a pro-perspective, maximizing their performance, while minimizing injuries.

TurnPro Sports was officially launched in February of 2012. Markus and Chris take great pride in their company and make it their focus to create an atmosphere of professionalism. By doing so, they ensure that each individual they work with experiences the highest quality training designed to meet their specific goals.